A Farewell to Arms

Uploaded: December 11th, 2017
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In 2020, the world is in the war. In just three years, the fire and kill will become a familiar image on the Earth. The main cause of this destruction is the robot called “Enigma”, the killing machine, which wants to eradicate everything. Yuugo, a member of the special team called “Lord”, is one of the last soldiers to fight Enigma. But under siege by the powerful robot forces, Yuugo and his fellow fighters are engulfed in the fire by the enemy. 100 years later, he finds himself awake in the midst of a dying world, reviving a girl named Mizuki. In order to stop the war, Yuugo decides to take his sword again.

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This is the beginning of A Farewell to Arms – ARPG Japan developed by Wright Flyer studio. From the very first look, the fascinating opening and the weird name, A Farewell to Arms showed a very distinct and dramatic style. Control Yuugo in the hand, you will fight and defeat the enemies with unstoppable power, free to perform powerful moves on your mobile.

While players feel the sheer power of the protagonist, A Farewell to Arms still carries certain challenges through each level. This is demonstrated through intense boss battles when the game requires the player to constantly avoid the attack on the opponent. Otherwise, the blood bar of Yuugo will fall down pathetic. However, the gamers still have the support, it is a team of teammates system, in which different warriors can replace Yuugo with a quick click.

Yuugo’s teammates will carry different combat styles, with the sledgehammer thrown straight into the enemy or using fast-paced batons. Also, because of their unique fighting style, their different attacks are also unique, giving players more leeway in the future.
A Farewell to Arms is a game based on the familiar style of the ARPG genre on Mobile. But with its unique presentation and a little special, it would be very attractive to those who love the game.

Currently, Farewell to Arms available for the Android and iOS. You guys can download free games at the link below.

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