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After the Legend of Condor Heroes, Race Go is the next product, which was released at the end of 2017 by Efun. The game is promising to bring more fun for speed enthusiasts.

Race Go: Drift Life Mod is the latest mobile game produced by Efun, after the success of The Legend of Condor Heroes. The game is now available for download on both iOS and Android in several Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. You can download the game apk at the link below and install it for free.


Many interesting game modes.

In Race Go: Drift Life Mod, in addition to personal racing mode, players can also join the exciting modes with other players such as Team Race, Item Race, Couple Race and Team Relay. Besides, there will be a World Championships so that racers around the world can develop their talents as well as to satisfy their speed desire. In addition, players are presented drifting car skills such as Multi Boots QTE and Aerial Boots, which possesses the lively effects.

There are 4 different levels: Random, Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each mode will have different requirements if the player wants to win. In Hard mode, you will have to make great efforts to win. But the reward will be very great.

Each game mode has different characteristics. So if you want to conquer all, you will need more skills than driving fast. For example, in the Item Race mode, in addition to the earliest target, players must collect items appearing on the road as much as possible.

Upgrade your car

With a racing game, the most important thing is a racing car and upgrading it. The player can comfortably collect and customize the collection of luxury cars in Race Go. At present, Race Go offers more than 20 different models for the ultimate gaming experience. Race Go cars are not real estate vehicles, but they are completely unique in design. You will be driving the race cars with unique colors and impressive design.

If the car collection is not enough to satisfy you, Race Go also allows players customize their characters with gorgeous costumes and lively wing system.

Race Go is not just a racing game on the mobile.

In addition, the social system based on Team and Couple is also an important feature in the game, which help players never feel lonely. This feature helps you join races with fellow travelers, and do more exciting things together. One day, you could meet your love mates on Race Go.

Special graphics

In other racing games like Asphalt or Real Racing, they are always aiming at high-quality graphics and simulating real-life vehicles. Race Go is different, the graphics are cute and colorful. The vehicles are also designed uniquely that you can only see on the cartoon movies. With 9 different maps, you can enjoy the game without being boring.

In the hard mobile games market with the war style or the Royle Battle style, Race Go deserves a new game that you should try. Race Go: Drift Life Mod Mod APK is now available for download from the Google Play and App Store now.


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