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After the success of the Analog Photo Retouch application, Flat Studio developers continue to unveil the latest in a new collection of analog photo filters named Feelm Rosy. You can download – install the application completely free at apkgalaxy, Feelm Rosy APK download requires Android 4.0 or above and requires access to your device’s Photo Album. Do not forget to set this access so that the application can work best.

Download Feelm Rosy APK download for Android

Feelm Rosy, of course, is a photo filter that resembles other applications in the same series, but it has a different theme if Feelm Soda is the dominant color filter, cool as a cocktail, or Feelm Classic is a collection of light, customizable filters … Feelm Rosy’s pink color scheme (Same as Pinklady app) gives users more than 10 Different filters that make your photo becomes sweeter.

Feelm Rosy’s new update brings great improvements in performance, and the application has updated many new photo filters, enhancing editing features, making image quality clearer. Feel free to use the Feelm Soda for Android if you want to get the same picture as a professional camera shot. In addition to selfie, you can take a photo of the sea or any other landscape in a photo gallery. The more pink games that this application brings. Whether you’re a romantic, a delicacy or just want something different, Feelm Rosy’s quality filter for Android always has what you need.

Key features of Feelm Rosy for Android:

  • Integrated basic and easy-using photo editing tools: users easily adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, add photo effects, rotate and flip images, Sharpness, color temperature, highlight tones, shadows and add scratches or dust to images … with the intuitive slider.
  • Photo after editing with the application remains the same resolution and sharpness.
  • Share photos directly to social networks Facebook, Instagram, Sina Weibo, Twitter, Tumblr or email as a live stream link.

Feelm Rosy is also very simple, basically, if you have used the previous Analog Film Filter app then you can completely master this tool, after downloading the Feelm Rosy APK we provide below. You proceed to normal installation, open the application and take a photo to start editing the photo. There is another option is to select a photo in the photo gallery of the device, as soon as the photo is taken. Displayed on the main interface of the application, you have been able to apply the filters or edits you want, the image filters will be applied almost instantly and real-time display so you can select the best product.

In general, Feelm Rosy for Android is a pretty cool photo filter for those who love pink, love romance and gentle. The application offers more than 10 image filters allowing quick choice, image editing results are displayed in real time to create different colors. Just take a picture, then move on to photo editing tools and change everything as you like. Feelm Rosy APK is a premium application on Google Play (which has been free for some time) but you can download it for absolutely free at apkgalaxy.


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