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23/7 Twenty Three Seven (23/7 トゥエンティ スリー セブン) is a turn-based RPG game for mobile, developed and released by Pachinko Fujishoji and Kadokawa. The game was first introduced at the Tokyo Game Show. Over the last 2 years of development, 23/7 Twenty Three Seven is also officially released on both the Android and iOS platforms. You can download the game completely free by the link that we provide below.

23/7 Twenty Three Seven APK Download (English/Mod) Latest version

Context 23/7 Twenty Three Seven took place in a fictional future city. The strange thing had happened, 9 o’clock right had been disappeared from all the clocks for many days and no one knew the reason. Now there are only 23 hours a day, although no one is paying attention to this. Each clock is divided into 12 different hours and each has a guard – they are called clockers – who can influence the time and change it. The battle occurs when the clockers separated, some of them have big conspiracy to destroy the earth, then they lose the balance of time. The high school boy Hikari suddenly got caught up in the parallel world where the Clockers were at war, and he quickly understood the cause of the disappearance of the 9 o’clock. With the help of the good clockers, adventures in 23/7 Twenty Three Seven officially started.

23/7 Twenty Three Seven is a turn-based RPG with classic gameplay, you will control a team of clockers involved in battles with monsters scattered throughout the city. The control mechanism in the game is simple and easy to grasp. You will touch the characters to place orders to attack, use their skills when the mana bar is filled. The maps in the game are very large and split into stages. After some stages you can encounter with bosses, the number of bosses in the game is much more, they will be harder to beat than the normal monster, but the reward you get after that is amazing.

23/7 Twenty Three Seven key features:

  • Interesting plot
  • The familiar and easy-to-control combat system
  • Gameplay turn-based RPG combines tactics
  • Various game modes
  • Support multiple languages

With a combination of JRPG’s traditional gameplay and hacking-and-slash tactics, 23/7 Twenty Three Seven will offer one of the best RPG experiences on a mobile phone. With new combat mechanisms and individual characters, 23/7 Twenty Three Seven promises to convince the most fastidious players to download games to experience. In addition to the story mode, you can participate in other game modes that 23/7 Twenty Three Seven offers including PvP, PvE or Arena. Generally, each game mode has the characteristics and popular points.

23/7 Twenty Three Seven has been officially released on both the Android and iOS platforms, the APK file of the game is also available at our website, so you can click on the link below to download now.


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