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1LINE – one-stroke puzzle game MOD Apk for Android

If you feel bored with action games, or survival games always make you have high concentration, we would like to bring you a simple entertainment game. But it is very interesting and requires precision and intelligence. It is 1LINE.
1LINE is a simple fun game, which released for free on Android. In this free puzzle game, you need to place your hand on the screen, drawing a seamless line through all the lines and given points.


In the game, you can show off your intelligence and play the fun game. This game has 10 difficulty levels and over 500 levels for players to conquer. There is only one rule: Connecting all points and go through the fuzzy lines with only one line. It does not matter where you start.
During the game, you will definitely encounter some difficult puzzles. If it is too hard, you can use hints. You will get more suggestions when you solve a lot of puzzles. Surely, the amount of suggestions is quite a few compared to the quiz that you have to overcome. Therefore, you should try to think instead of the indiscriminate use of help.

The stages in the game

The game has 10 levels and a total of 500 stages. Initially, you will start with simple things, but the difficulty will increase gradually. The number of lines and points will also be increased, which makes the drawing more complex.

At the beginning of the game, you may think that this game is too simple and you only need a moment to solve it. But you do not be subjective because you will be confused of the game and replay countless times. If you are stuck in a drawing for too long, you should use the suggestion to move on to a new challenge. When playing, you will encounter some special lines, such as dashed lines or one-way line (with arrows showing the direction). These lines will help you play the game better.

You can quickly download 1LINE MOD APK for brain training as well as entertainment in your spare time. In addition, you can play with friends to see who can solve more puzzles and higher levels.


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